21-Day Greatness Fast

"Proper prior planning prevents poor performance." 
Fasting is a personal process. During the Daniel Fast, if you a truly rooted and grounded in God, you will find it easier to turn away from foods that are not part of the fast. With adequate planning, time management, and little creativity, you will find it easier to focus more on the spiritual aspects of the fast and less on the foods you can and cannot eat. 

However, as humans we are imperfect. Do not be hard on yourself if you have a moment of weakness and mess up. Take this as a learning opportunity. Ask yourself why you gave into that particular food. Ask God to strengthen that area of your life:
If you find yourself giving in to fast food, pray for patience.
If you find yourself giving in to your favorite food, pray for will power.
If you find yourself giving into sweets, pray for happiness and a feeling of fulfillment.

The 21 Day Greatness Fasting Guide below is an inspiration and informative packet that is sure to guide you through your fast. The 20-page guide includes:
- The benefits of fasting
- The goal of fasting
- Reading plan
- Journal plan
- Food list
- Prayer list
- Self-reflection sheets
and more!

Credit for this guide goes to Morgan Tracy J https://www.facebook.com/morgantracyj/ 

21-Day Greatness Fast

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