Praise & Worship Ministry

"Enter unto his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise, be thankful unto him and bless his name." - Psalms 100:4 
God requires that we enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise.  When praise goes first, we create the atmosphere for God to move in our midst and experience spiritual victory against any adversity that stands between us and His promises. Our mission is to create the atmosphere and then allow Him to move within and amongst us as He will.  We desire to leave an imprint of His spirit on the hearts of people through praising and worshipping him, touching one soul at a time and drawing them closer to Jesus Christ.
We serve God by leading the congregation into corporate praise and worship of God. Worship does not lie in the music but in our hearts. It isn’t the rhythm that makes the music meaningful. It is our attitude towards singing each song. We demonstrate praise & worship with our voices, instruments, attitudes and actions, and invite the congregation. We lead by our example. We are not performers for the congregation. Worship was never meant to be a spectator sport. Our objective is to engage and facilitate, not to entertain. We desire to develop an atmosphere in which all are free to participate and enrich one another in the worship experience. We do not confine worship to the singing of songs, but encourage members of the body and the music ministry to express their love for God in the way they desire to – whether it is through testimony, prayer, song or reading of a scripture. We believe that we are created to worship the Lord God Almighty, and as such it is a huge privilege and a great honor to lead His people to His throne room through music and singing. Worship to us is the highest priority, the reason why we were created (Rev. 4:11). For this reason, we are committed to making his praise excellent and glorious.
Sister Charlene Lambrecht, Praise & Worship Leader